today list…


Another day of my boring holiday. But today i decide to make a list. Dr. Didi(betul kan nama dia dr. Didi?) yang ajar PHOP yang ajar benda ni masa topic planning. List 10 things yang akan dibuat pada hari ini (although i only make 8.hehe~). I make this list after solat subuh..

1. jogging keliling UNPAD.[done]

2. maen DotA. [done]

3. tengok tv. [done]

4. maen psp. [done]

5. study for next system [not done yet, still got time before today end. hehe~]

6. finish Keri novel, 1511H by Faisal Tehrani. Been borrowing this book like forever. Last time i stop at chap2 so i think better start back from the beginning [not done yet, maybe i read before sleep]

7. kemas bilik [half way done, just need to sweep the floor. I’ll do it first things tomorrow]

8. tulis blog [in the process]

Pergi tengok wayang dekat jatos tadi. Takdak dalam list pon. Housemate no.1 yang tiba2 ajak petang tadi. Cerita Astrix at the Olimpic Game. Best la jugak. Boleh bagi 4 bintang. Lawak gila nak mati.

p/s- borrowing housemate no.2 laptop while he is borrowing mine to play DotA.

p/ss-no 2,3,4 should not be in the list because i’ll do it anyway but who care. Dr. Didi is not gonna check this list.


4 Responses

  1. dr. dani la adi….eh,dani ke deni. tp bkn didi la. hahahaha

  2. bkn dr deni la.tu yg yg laki.dr dedi or dr didi nm dia.btw its not CRP,PHOP(n da pnh ajaq BHP tp skali ja kot) la sayang oi.dh abh xm dh dpt A pn xjelas g subjek pa.haish~
    😛 😛 😛

  3. how come ur last psss- is empty?

  4. aah~phop. bkn crp.salah2….dah edit dh..
    betui la nama dia dr. didi la drrazi..
    result dah kuaq ka??

    saja tinggai kosong.hehe~

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