No Excuses


I’m too week, too slow, too big, ate too much for breakfast, I got a headache, its raining, my dog is sick, I can’t right now, I’m not inspired, makes me smell bad, I’m allergic to stuff, I’m fat, I’m thin, its too hot, I’m not right, I got senses in my headache, I”m distracted, it make me exerted myself too much, i loved to really but i can’t, I just can’t, my favorite show is on, I got a case in Monday, in Tuesday, in Wednesday, I don’t want to do this, lets do something else, after new year, next week,  I’ll make a mistake, got homework, i feel bloated, I had gas, I got a hot date, my coach hate me, mom wont let me, i bruise easily, it’s too dark, too cold, my blister hurt, this is dangerous, aaahhhh~, sorry i don’t have a bike, I don’t get enough sleep, my tummy hurt, it’s not in my gene, i don’t want to look like I’m tired out, I need a better coach, I don’t like getting tackle, i have stomachache, I’m not that faddy type, I don’t want to get sweaty, I have better things to do, I don’t want to slow you down, I have to do this?, soon as i get the promotion, like I sit this one out, and my feet hurt!!

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